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Emily Ratajkowski is an American actress and supermodel who has appeared in such notable movies as Gone Girl and Line and Stealing.

Emily Ratajkowski is wearing jeans in speak and people are visible only in her legs, her hair is open and she has given a very beautiful reach which is worth seeing

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The Emily Ratajkowski is known for her hot figure and flaunting her hot figure, she has been entitled to a lot of sponsorships.

Emily Ratajkowski is wearing a cream colored dress and there is also a necklace around her neck, which is quite simple, but the mascara in her eyes is really killer.

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Emily Ratajkowski  looks very good in black color dress, she has tried different types of combinations in dresses, which is her main specialty.

Emily Ratajkowski  is wearing a black color dress in this pic, her earrings are increasing her hotness, her suits are amazing.

The Emily Ratajkowski is wearing a white off shoulder bikini in this pic and she is also wearing something white underneath and her stomach looks very slim fit.

Emily Ratajkowski  is very hot and bold actress, she is not wearing black coat and white inside in this pic, in which her hot figure is visible.

Emily Ratajkowski is wearing an orange color dress in this pic and silver color match is being seen in her hands and she also has a ring in her finger

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Emily Ratajkowski is beautiful and hot model her beauty and self can be seen in this pic in which I am looking amazing and going home