In  the Murder of tyre nichols five suspeded police officers were charged due to there participation of them in the crime

According to media " supended cops does not heps directly to the murderer"

But then also they were charged for the participation in the murder of tyre nichols

All the black cops were charged for second-degree murder

Officers helps murderer in kidnapping and also in some other criminal activities

The family of tyre nichols shown a footage as a evidence against those 5 police officers 

The family of tyre nichols insist to judge to have a fist degree charges on those 5 police officers 

They also forced on the words that now also every thing is not clear so they appeal for a high commission enquiry of this case

But for now those five police officers were charged for only second degree murder

The family of tyre nichols is currently facing a hard times due to the murder of tyre nichols

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