As we know lots of stars of a music and acting industry were the part of the audience in Grammy Awards 

And side by side we have found lots of special moments during the live telecast of Grammy Award 2023

First of all cameraman shows the face of Taylor Swift and Harry Styles 

And we had also evidence the engagement of the two stars Jennifer Lopez and  Ben Affleck

These two stars are the part of the great event called Grammy Award 

According to the audience Grammy Award is the most special event for them  

After seeing the Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez siiting on next to each other is a most pleasant moment for the fans  

Audience in the Grammy Award 2023 loved  the moment when they evidence the pair sitting on next to each other

Fans also cheered for them after seeing tehm next to each other 

By the way both of teh celebrities in the Grammy Award were one of the topmost highlight of the event 

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