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Margot Robbie is a very famous American actress who played the role of Barbie in Barbie Movie

Margot Robbie's smile is also very cute, in this pic she has dark lipstick on her lips.

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Margot Robbie  is wearing a Silver Dress in this pic, in which she is looking very hot and is seen laughing.

Margot Robbie  is so cute and she acts like a princess in a wonderful way think it's amazing and she has no match

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Margot Robbie  is a great actor as well as a beautiful model and her modeling skills speak volumes.

Margot Robbie  is wearing a Light Yellow shirt in this pic which looks really amazing on her and people loved this pic

A lovely smile is seen on Margot Robbie 's face in this pic and she is wearing a purple T-shirt and black jeans underneath.

White color dress looks very good on Margot Robbie . Margot Robbie  is wearing only White color dress in this pic, her hot figure is also looking amazing....

Margot Robbie is seen running her hair in the speak, her style is making it in the hearts of people and it is really amazing

Margot Robbie's lips are very cute and when she applies red lipstick on her lips, she becomes really hot.