Barbadian Singer Rihanna is looking quite motivated for her upcoming show

On the half time of super bowl

After Judging her words it can be observed that she is quite motivated for her superbowl session

On the 1st February she posted 'She Can't Wait to Kill It'

These words from the side of Rihanna depict the energy in her to perform in front of her fans on a special occasion

This show can be a life changing event also for Barbadian Singer Rihanna

This show has a great capability to give a boom start to singer's career

According to her statement this is a huge event for her to prove herself on the special occasion like superbowl

This event is quite special for her as she is the biggest fan in the world of superbowl event

On the perspective of show she is looking quite focused , rehearsing and practicing  for her performance 

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