After m&m faces a huge backlash last year they made some minor changes

M&Ms said in an interview " spokescandies will replaced by a ad campaign "

Due to the huge loss faced by M&M they made a very minor changes 

and according to the media a news came out that Rudolph will participate in M&M ad for a superbowl

That ad shoot for the superbowl will be shooted next month

The whole idea behind this advertisement is that to reach M&M in a higher value 

This whole thing looks alike joke 

as now a candy will be advertised in a match of superbowl

This move of M&Ms can be a masterstroke but there are also some chances that M&Ms has to face a huge depression in their brand

This move is like playing a gamble or you can also say it a do or die move for M&M

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