Kristen Stewart is a beautiful American actress and who has won the hearts of people by doing excellent acting in movies like The Twilight.

Kristen Stewart is a beautiful actress as well as a great model and her skills are slay in this pic. Most unique style

There are very few actresses in the Hollywood industry who look good in short hair and Kristen Stewart  is one of them.

Kristen Stewart is looking very hot in this pic, her hair style is also very different and beautiful which is amazing

Kristen Stewart is one of the highest paid actress in the world and in 2012 she got the title of highest paid actress.

Kristen Stewart is known for her very beautiful and unique style, show a glimpse of her style in this pic as well....

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Kristen Stewart is also known for her excellent acting, she is a versatile actor and cooks any act very closely.

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Kristen Stewart has tied her hair in this pic, her hairstyle is also very much liked by the people.

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Kristen Stewart is sizzling hot in speed and her board net is on point in speak , Her Smile is very cute

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Kristen Stewart also has a tattoo on her hand, she is also fond of networking and in this pic she is wearing a white off-shoulder dress.