In a masterstroke Kevin Durant traded to Phoenix Suns from Brooklyn Nets 

Many player in the draft got traded but the highlight of the draft is onlt Durant 

Which is traded to Suns in master stroke from the Side of Suns 

As the whole Draft is quite suspensive but many trade like Kyrie Irving and Kevin Durant had special eye of fans 

Though Kevin Durant request to trade him to Phoenix Suns but then also Brooklyn Nets got a best replacement of him

In the trade of Draft 

Fans are really happy for the Durant that Suns got a new star in their list 

By the way current form of Kevin Durant is quite great and he is playing in a great rhythm

Due to which this move from the side of Suns was supposing to be a best move in the draft 

Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving are looking much happy after they have been traded according to their demands 

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