Jenna Ortega is ready to advertise for Adidas brand and even excited to present her sporty side 

Adidas chasing Jenna Ortega for their ads due to the massive success and fame 

she has received while performing for wednesday addams that she attains attention of every brand

She got lots of fame especially that dance she did in the movie called Wednesday Addams 

Due to that dance she came in the elite category of celebrities of hollywood 

According to her expression anyone can understand that how much she is satisfied from her success and fame 

Due to that fame and success Adidas assigned her for her advertisement by showing as a front face of the brand 

Even before the Adidas many famous brands called Jenna for their advertisements

She is getting famous due to her acting and now dancing skills also after her performance of Wednesday Addams 

Fans are really fond of Jenna Ortega 

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