In the battle of eagles vs giants . eagles looks more stronger than giants  and blowed them away

this is a most anticipated match in which obviously , giants are favourite due to their past performnace

But the twist came when eagles showed their actual sprint during the half of match 

They gave a mind blowing performance after the half of the match 

Philadelphia Eagles played 16 matches in  the season of nfl and won 15 out of 16 matches in the nfl

After every fan of the nfl supporting giants . it feels like that everyone forgot that how eagles are powerful

But they showed perfectly after the first half of the match

It wasn't a mischief after saying that eagles are the top most contender to win nfl

According to the eagles's fans yesterday's match was a reminder for them that why eagles are the top most contender of the nfl

Not only the second half of the match , Eagles were look dominated in the !st half of the match also

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