The Grammy Awards will be announced on Feb 5, Sunday 2023

In the Los Angeles the winners will be announced this is the 65th Grammy Awards Ceremony 

The nominees were chosen on the last year of December and now the winners will be announced on Sunday Feb 5

As the top stars of Hollywood are the nominees that's why it will going to be hard to select one of the winner from the list of nominees 

This show will not be recorded this is a live streaming event which will be happened on Los Angeles

Beyonce got the most of the votes as the winner but then also winner is not confirm yet 

This event will be live on 8 PM sunday 2023

This is also one of the most awaited and anticipated event of the year

Beyoncé, Taylor Swift, Adele, and Kendrick Lamar are the most highlighted nominess

Most favourite artist who could able to collect limelight on the show shall be the Beyonce 

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