Emily Blunt one of the beautiful Hollywood actress who has worked with all the big stars like Tom Cruise and The Rock i.e. Dwayne Johnson

Emily Blunt is looking very hot in this pic, she is wearing a simple t-shirt and jeans, yet her hotness is unbeatable

Emily Blunt always likes to wear beautiful and simple dresses, yet there is no shortage in her hotness and beauty.

Emily Blunt is very fit and her fitness adds to her hotness which is great. Looks Hot and Fire In red

Emily Blunt's eyes are very intoxicating, her beauty is really amazing in this pic too and she is wearing an off shoulder dress

Emily Blunt is seen in a lingerie dress in this pic and she is also wearing earrings in her ears.

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Emily Blunt's beauty is amazing, she has a fresh look on her face which is really worth seeing and there is also a cute necklace around her neck.

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Emily Blunt is wearing a blue color dress in this pic and the side is bowed. Emily Blunt's physique is also amazing.

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Emily Blunt has been acting for a long time and her acting is talked about far and wide because she really does amazing acting.

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Emily Blunt's face is very smooth and soft, she has a glow on her face, which is the result of her good diet.