As we know the match between eagles vs  49ers will definitely be a high intensified game 

Eagles is one of the undefeated team out of 3 team who doesn't lose a single match in nfl

But on sunday this can be changed as they have to play in different venue where San Fransisco will have a edge to win that game 

For Eagles, on sunday it will not going to be similar game as past due to different condition and unfavourable also

So it can be  a hard thing to win this game for eagles in the home of 49ers

But on the other side San Fransisco is also not in a good form as they faced a huge win against Bears 

and even San Fransisco looks unsupportive from the view of past rivalry

In the last sic matches of the match between eagles and 49ers 5 times 49ers faced lose against eagles

So it is a  tricky question that who will win this NFC match which will be played on the venue of San Fransisco

So for now, Eagles are looking much better than 49ers if we neglect the home advantage 

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