Dakota Johnson is a famous American actress who has earned a lot of fame by working in movies like Fifty Shades of Grey.

Dakota Johnson is wearing a silver color dress in this pic and she has reached the side and she is looking at the back.

Dakota Johnson is wearing a white color dress in the speak, it is heartening to see beautiful earrings in her ears.

Dakota Johnson's facial expressions are always very cute and work, she looks very cute in this pic too

Dakota Johnson is in a perfect look in this pic , her beauty has kept her deep, her background is also very beautiful.

Dakota Johnson looks very cute laughing, her pose in this pic is completely random, yet there is no answer to her beauty

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This pic of Dakota Johnson is taken from The Fifty Shades of Gray Movie in which she showed amazing acting and bold style.

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Dakota Johnson is a one-time director who plays any character with all her heart and sacrifices her hundred percent talent in it.

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Dakota Johnson is looking very professional in this pic, her beauty is one of her jewels, so she is really amazing

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Dakota Johnson  looks so cute smiling this pic is moved to a tv show she is sitting on the couch