Multi-Sport Athlete: Before focusing on basketball, Austin Reaves excelled in football and baseball during his high school years. He was a standout athlete in multiple sports

Late Bloomer: Reaves didn't receive significant attention from college basketball recruiters until his senior year. He emerged as a late bloomer, showcasing his skills and potential

Walk-On to Star: Reaves began his collegiate career as a walk-on player at Wichita State University. His hard work and determination helped him rise from obscurity to become a star player

Transfer Journey: After two seasons at Wichita State, Reaves made the bold decision to transfer to the University of Oklahoma. This move allowed him to explore new opportunities and showcase his talent at a higher level

 Redshirt Season: During his first year at the University of Oklahoma, Reaves had to sit out as a redshirt player due to NCAA transfer rules. This period allowed him to refine his skills and develop his game further.

Leadership Qualities: Reaves has demonstrated exceptional leadership qualities throughout his basketball career. He has been praised by coaches and teammates for his ability to motivate and lead by example

Inspirational Work Ethic: Reaves is admired for his relentless work ethic. He consistently puts in extra hours of practice and conditioning to improve his skills and elevate his game

Perimeter Shooting Expertise: One of Reaves' greatest strengths is his perimeter shooting. He possesses a smooth shooting stroke and has consistently improved his three-point shooting throughout his career

NBA Aspirations: Reaves has his sights set on playing in the NBA. With his skills, determination, and continuous improvement, he is poised to make a strong impact at the professional level

 Family Support: Throughout his journey, Reaves has been supported by his close-knit family, who have been his rock and played a vital role in his success