Amber Heard and Johnny Depp were both husband and wife, but both have been divorced recently and their controversy was going on for a long time.

In this pic, Amber Heard is wearing a beautiful black girl dress and Johnny Depp is wearing a gray color suit.

Amber Heard is looking very beautifully towards Johnny Depp in this pic and their couple is looking very beautiful

Amber Heard is wearing a beautiful black top in this pic and her hair color is blond and she has done an episode on top of a building.

Johnny Depp's style is very unique, his style is tremendous, in the same way, Amber Heard also got a lot of fame, but now both have separated....

Amber Heard is looking very hot in this pic, she is wearing a beautiful white dress, her hot figure is also looking amazing.

Amber Heard smile is very cute, in this pic Amber is looking very cute and beautiful even while laughing, she is wearing a nice top

Amber Heard looked very good with Johnny Depp but now the case of both has been fought and Johnny Depp has won in it.

Amber Heard is wearing a black dress in this pic and she also wears a black suit, in which her hotness is also showing in a very good way....

Amber Heard eyes are also very beautiful, as well as his lips are also very cute, the intoxication of his eyes is tremendous, which can make anyone fall.