Alec Baldwin Found guilty by the group of Judges

The Whole Incident started on October 2021 when on the film shoot of Rust

Alec Baldwin Misfired on The Cinematographer Halyna Hutchins Due To which Cinematographer 

Dies On the spot and not able to live 1 day after that misfired

After sometime of the murder police  intervene on the murder's place and charges Alec Baldwin

After the interrogation of Alec Baldwin a news came out that he don't about the real bullets filled on rifle

After hearing this Jury fined The Director of Rust movie on the basis of to disrupt the safety rules of environment

The fine on the Directors and Producers of the movie was quite high

after full one year some evidences related to murder was found by which Alec Baldwin 

Got trapped and charged by the jury . Punishment is not decided yet

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