Top Gun Maverick; action-packed smash hit sequel rooting for Oscars! |2023

Movie:Top Gun Maverick
Director:Joseph Kosinski
Producers:Tom Cruise, Christopher McQuarrie,
Jerry Buckheimer, David Ellison
Gross USA Box Office:$683.4 M
Sound mix:Dolby Digital, Dolby Atmos
Release Date:May 27, 2022
Run time:2 H 11 M

Nerve-wrecking action scenes, heart-pounding chasing, a bit of emotional sequence, and a lot of nostalgia; Top gun Maverick surely won’t let you leave the chair for a second. Top gun Maverick is all about Tom Cruise and the nostalgia of the old Top gun movie. So, if you haven’t watched the first installment of the franchise, you better go and watch that before you go for Maverick.

The emotional rollercoaster

The whole movie is filled with old characters and their chemistry, friendship, love, bond, break up, fight, etc. You will find several references from the old one, and hence, if you haven’t watched the previous slot, you must go for that first. Unless you watch Top gun first, you cannot understand the small details shown in the movie. You might find certain things a little bit difficult to decipher if you haven’t watched the first movie.

In a nutshell

So, 30 years have passed, and Pete Mitchell is still a test pilot. Where all of his colleagues, friends, and rivals from TOPGUN have reached respectable positions, Maverick is still a test pilot. He doesn’t follow the orders of his seniors, and as a result, he gets grounded. His former rival Iceman is now the commander of the US Pacific fleet, and they are very close friends now. Iceman saves his back time and again. Maverick was rooting for a Scramjet project which was shelved by Admiral Hammer due to unprofessional behavior of Maverick. He also wants to ground him, but with Iceman’s intervention, Maverick again gets saved at the last moment.

Admiral Chester Hammer Caine wanted to shelve the Scramjet project, but before he could fulfill his desire, Maverick took a flight on board and tried to fly it at high-hypersonic speed. Up to Mach 9, the prototype worked right, but when he tried to push the prototype beyond the bar of 10, the prototype got damaged and destroyed. This ended the project, and it got shelved forever.

Where it started?

Iceman sent Maverick to a new mission, where he had to train a bunch of new TOPGUN graduates. This new batch is assigned with a mission of destroying an uncharted and unassigned Uranium plant that sits deep inside a canyon. It is difficult for new entrants to go that far, do the work and come back alive as the place is carefully guarded by surface-to-air missiles. As this is a tough task, Maverick wanted to head the mission, but Admiral Cyclone Simpson asked him to only train the bunch of newbies and not take part in the mission.

In this new bunch of graduates, two head-on enemies are present; Lieutenants Jake Hangman Seresin and Maverick’s deceased best friend Nick Bradshaw’s son Bradley Rooster Bradshaw. Initially, Pete Mitchell wanted to gain their respect, and for that, he started dog fighting with them, which he eventually lost. Hangman is a callous pilot who makes abrupt decisions, while Rooster is an over-thinker, cautious pilot. With the very first interactions, Maverick understood that it was kind of impossible to make them into a team and send them on a mission.

During this journey, Pit Mitchell meets his former girlfriend Penny Benjamin, who now has a daughter and runs a bar, loses his friend Iceman to cancer, corrects all the mistakes he ever has done and gives us a wonderful movie that we would never forget for the rest of our lives. Pit Mitchell tried a lot of tricks to form a team that could perform the impossible task. Blasting the Uranium plant is a tough task due to its position at the center of the canyon. To accomplish the task, the team needs to become a team first. This movie will clearly showcase how much effort Maverick needs to put in to form the team, how he fought his problems and past crises.

The sensitive side

Top Gun Maverick has some very touchy and sensitive sides as well. Lots of scenes are there where the actors have brought out the most emotional side of them. From losing a friend, seeing someone dying, leaving someone amid a battle, to saving someone from the grasp of death, the movie will take you on a rollercoaster ride. You will be thrilled at one moment, feel sad the next moment, and start laughing at Maverick’s silly jokes the very next. This movie is not just regular storytelling; it’s about a journey. A journey where a person becomes the best version of himself and makes everyone proud.

The story is about determination and how one can defeat his failure and convert himself into a winner. Tom Cruise looked adorable in this movie and did his part so well that you can totally feel the thrill of the 1986 Top Gun movie. Val Kilmer, the Iceman of Top Gun, has been battling throat cancer for the past few years. The whole movie, he conversed with Maverick via texts and chats. He only has one dialogue, and that is enough to steal the hearts of the viewers. Jennifer Connely as Penny Benjamin also portrayed a wonderful supporting role. Apart from all these veterans, Glen Powell’s Hangman, Miles Teller’s Rooster, and Monica Barbaro’s Phoenix have stolen our hearts too!

Best part; the action sequences

The action sequences and chasing sequences are worth watching. We hope that you don’t want us to spoil the fun for you, and thus, we are not discussing the end of the movie. But if you like the adventure genre and you are a fan of Tom Cruise, this is a must-watch for you! The climax is certainly the best icing on the cake, and you will be thrilled to watch this scene. We can promise that you cannot forget the scene for a long time. You better watch it to know why we are exaggerating so much about that one single scene!

Not every movie can stand up to the expectations of viewers, but this one did really well. When you watch a sequel, mostly the latter one doesn’t fulfill your expectations. But this is an exception, and it won’t be a mistake if we say that Top Gun Maverick surpassed its predecessor. Movies like Top Gun Maverick come once in a while and take us on a happy ride.

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