Outline of the conspiracy of Chinese spy balloon

On Friday, a Chinese spy balloon was seen in the US city of Montana, which was visible just above the Pentagon area which is in USA, in response to this, China said in a statement on Friday that it is just a misconception that we are planning something against US and continue by explaining that this balloon by mistake lost its way and reached in American airspace it is not a conspiracy from their side just a small mistake which can be forgiven we don’t do any kind of conspiracy we want on America, but if we make any small mistake, then other countries should forgive it because such mistakes can happen to anyone.

Expert’s point of view on the conspiracy

What information did China want to get from the balloons seen in the northern part of America? US defense officials estimate that through this, China tried to spy on US military bases, as well as possibly trying to test its espionage capability. Due to these balloons, there has been an atmosphere of anxiety and displeasure in America, due to which US Secretary of State Blinken Antony J. Blinken has also postponed his proposed visit to China. Some US defense officials told the media that China’s satellite space China is established in low orbit, it will not get any more information from the balloon than the information it can get through them, while China has said in a statement on Friday that the balloonused for research, especially for gathering meteorological information. We express our deep regret for the fact that the balloon lost its way to spy on a country, due to which it was found in the US airspace.

Conspiracy or Mistake

This incident was taken very seriously in America, America immediately informed China about its serious process. A senior official of the US Ministry of Defense Pentagon said that the issue was immediately raised in front of the Chinese Embassy in Washington, while the US Embassy in Beijing also The official said that it is very clear in our mind that we will take whatever steps are necessary to protect our people and the country. A senior analyst associated with the Center for China, based in the think tank Asia Policy Institute, said possibly The balloon was sent to test America’s espionage capabilities, so no official mark was put on it, so that if necessary, it can deny its existence. Had to read this it shows that deliberately China’s satellites keep monitoring America’s missile field and other targets, in my opinion, According to experts in America, such activities have been seen many times in the past years. A US official told reporters that in the past the US did not make such cases public. This has not happened before. According to analysts, the US decided to make the incident public because it might have raised the matter with China in a confidential manner earlier, which China ignored and now it is clear that The tension between the two countries has increased a lot due to the mercury incident

Story of 2nd chinese spy balloon

After some time of this whole process, another Chinese balloon was seen roaming in America’s airspace, which China has also confirmed that that balloon is also of the same. America has destroyed previous chineses alleged spy balloon. The balloon floating over the Atlantic Ocean was blown up with a hypersonic missile, now that the US had said that another Chinese balloon was roaming around it, which China has also confirmed. On Monday, China said that flying over Latin America The second balloon is also his. Ji clarified that due to seasonal winds, the balloon has lost its way and entered Latin America and the Caribbean countries, but this balloon will not pose any threat to any nation. It was said that another suspicious Chinese balloon was seen in Lotan America. America termed the Chinese balloon as a spy balloon. China’s spy balloon is mixed with the US auction. It strongly objected and called it a violation of international rules. China warned. is that Now that too is free to respond to the US. On the second Chinese balloon roaming in the US sky, Beijing’s Foreign Ministry said on Monday that the object is from China and it is very civilian and was used for flight tests. China has once again clarified that it happened by mistake and came into American space by mistake.


After both these incidents, a lot of tension can be seen in both the countries, this is a kind of cold war which is going on between the two countries, although China has completely denied the allegations of America, but the truth is No one knows what is this, whether this whole incident really happened because of China’s mistake or it is some new conspiracy of China on America, it will probably be known only in the coming time that China is using its new technology. Testing or accidentally this balloon reached the American airbase, whatever it may be, many options have been taken due to this incident, in which both the countries are facing tension, there was a complete panic in the city of America. After seeing both these balloons, because of seeing the balloons one after the other, America has decided to respond to China and America is also very angry with China, maybe in the upcoming time we will evidence some of dangerous replies from America

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