Are Consistent earthquakes a sign of Turkey’s end ?

As we had evidenced that the second most devastating earthquake in history has occurred in Turkey and Syria. More than 2500 people have died in Turkey alone due to this earthquake of magnitude 7.8. Earlier in 1939 there was an earthquake of such intensity. Due to that, more than 32 thousand people died in Turkey. In the last 24 years, more than 18 thousand people have lost their lives due to earthquakes in Turkey. After all, why there are so many earthquakes in Turkey, is there any major reason behind earthquakes in Turkey . As we know that intensity and quantities of earthquakes are rising consistently all over the world . So now the question arises that what are the major reasons behind the growth of earthquakes all over the world and will it going to be more severe in the future

Assumptions behind the destruction

According to the scientific study, Turkey and its surrounding area lie on the Anatolian Plate. Turkey is surrounded by 6 tectonic plates. To the east of the Anatolian Plate is the East Anatolian Fault while to the left is the Transform Fault. To the south and southwest is the African Plate. Apart from this, there is the Eurasian Plate in the north of Turkey. These plates rotate in the anti-clockwise direction. This causes friction between these plates. Due to this, there are strong tremors of earthquake. Some scientists also believe that the conditions around Turkey are different from those in the Himalayan region in Asia. After the study of the North Anatolian Plate, it is known that Anatolia has been separated from the Eurasian Plate. It was revealed in this study that the pressure of Arabian plate is increasing on these plates. And the Eurasian plate is stopping this pressure due to these earthquakes passing there effects in Turkey and Syria

Foremost factor behind the tragedy

According to the United States Geological Survey, large earthquakes of magnitude 5 or more have not occurred very frequently in the past total years. According to the USGS, only three earthquakes of magnitude 6 or greater have occurred in this region since 1970. The last major earthquake in this region occurred in January 2020.Even Monday’s earthquakes was not having the sufficient magnitude to evolve this destruction in the country so the question arises then what is the foremost reason behind the tragedy answer is due to having relatively shallow depths . The first earthquake, of magnitude 7.8, originated 17.9 km below the Earth’s surface. All of the latter, including one of magnitude 7.5, erupted even closer to the surface. The closer the earthquake is, the greater the damage . According to the experts these earthquakes are the hints of upcoming destruction

Can we predict upcoming wave of earthquake ?

Earthquake is a very common phenomenon in natural phenomena. It cannot be predicted from any device. It is possible to give a lead time of a few seconds between the time the earthquake originated and the time it reached the Earth’s surface. Explain that seismic waves travel much slower than the speed of light. Its speed is between 5 to 13 km per second, so if it is detected as soon as the earthquake starts, information can be received about it only a few seconds before it reaches the ground. Although this time is so short that an alert can be sent to someone. On average, one to three earthquakes of magnitude 8 or greater are recorded every year, while 10–15 earthquakes of magnitude between 7 and 8 occur . It is very rare that a earthquake with low magnitude will create huge destruction in the region except any occurrence of disturbances in the core part of earth


According to the scientist, it is really hard to predict the upcoming behaviour of the earthquake’s graph . so the main question arises at the present time is that how can we prevent ourselves from upcoming earthquakes there are lots of advisories related to the pevention of a individual during short term were published by the government but if we talk about prevention for long term then we have to promote campaigns like G-20 Summit and think more practically in terms of future